Making freeze stock of culture cells



  • For optimum results, cells for cryopreservation should be in log phase of growth. Similar or standard freezing protocols may be substituted.
  • Examine and make sure the cell culture free of contamination, in healthy situation and proper confluency, etc.
  • Perform a cell count to determine the viability of cells.
  • Gently pellet the cells centrifugation (3 - 5 minutes at 1,000~2,000rpm, 4℃).
  • Remove the supernatant using a aspirator. cryopreservation medium (1 ml for 5×105 - 5×106 cells.
  • Dispense the cell suspension in 1ml aliquots to cryopreservation vials that have been labeled with the cell line name, cell concentration, passage date and other essential information.
  • Place the vials directly in a -80℃ for storage. If necessary, transfer the frozen vials to a liquid nitrogen storage tank after the vials have been frozen for at least 24 hours.
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