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PhD Rotation Students

Yeganeh.jpgYeganeh Dorri Nokoorani (2020 Sept-2020 Dec)
PhD student (rotation)
With a background in biomechanics and tissue engineering, I became interested in cellular engineering and synthetic biology. So after completing my first lab rotation at Piret lab, I decided to join Yachie lab for my second lab rotation to learn more about genetics and genome editing tools. Currently, my focus is on prime editing technology.
E-mail: ydorri&ref(): File not found: "at.gif" at page "alumni";student.ubc.ca
Hobby or fun fact: I play Native American Flute and love archery!

Undergraduate students

Ipek.jpgIpek Egilmez
Directed Study Student (2022.02-)

The goal of my project is to be a pilot run to validate CRISPR-Cas9 base editing to regulate stem cell differentiation.
E-mail: ipek.egilmez&ref(): File not found: "at.gif" at page "alumni";gmail.com
Hobby or fun fact: I like reading old Russian novels.

Jennifer.jpgJennifer Jiang
Undergraduate Researcher (CBR-SBME)
From McGill University

I'm working on developing a lineage tracing method using DNA recombination.
Hobby or fun fact: Table tennis; I can solve a Rubik's cube in 20 seconds.

U Tokyo Alumni (to be updated)


Motoaki Seki
Research Associate
Project: Genome Editing
Current: Project Assistant Professor, Chiba U


Hitoshi Matsuo
Undergraduate Researcher
U Tokyo

Project: Genome Informatics
Current: Grad Student,
Tsunoda lab, U Tokyo

Leo Wang
Undergraduate Researcher
U Tokyo

Project: Genome Editing


Ayano Kishida
Administrative Assistant


Koji Makanae
Project: Interactome
Current: Technician, U Tokyo


Ikko Nureki
Undergraduate Researcher
Keio U

Project: Bioinformatics
Current: Visiting Student,
Nureki lab, U Tokyo


Eiji Nakamura
Visiting Student
Project: Event Recording
Current: Grad Student, UCLA


Naoki Konno
Visiting Student
U Tokyo

Project: Lineage Tracing
Current: Grad Student,
Iwasaki lab, U Tokyo

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