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September 13, 2018

Discussion leader: Hideto Mori
Halperin et al. CRISPR-guided DNA polymerases enable diversification of all nucleotides in a tunable window. (2018) Nature First release:1 August 2018,Pubmed

September 6, 2018

Discussion leader: Soh Ishiguro
Ben-David et al. Genetic and transcriptional evolution alters cancer cell line drug response. (2018) Nature First release:16 August 2018, Pubmed

August 30, 2018

Discussion leader: Kana Ishida
Grunwald HA et al. Super-Mendelian inheritance mediated by CRISPR/Cas9 in the female mouse germline. (2018) bioRxiv PDF

August 23, 2018

Discussion leader: Casey Chen
Wang X et al. Repair of double-strand breaks induced by CRISPR–Cas9 leads to large deletions and complex rearrangements. (2018) Nature Biotechnology First release:16 July 2018, Pubmed

August 2, 2018

Discussion leader: Rina Sakata
Ayre BG et al. Design of highly specific cytotoxins by using trans-splicing ribozymes. (1999) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences First release:30 March 1999, Pubmed

July 26, 2018

Discussion leader: Yusuke Ito
Taylor GM et al. Start-Stop Assembly: a functionally scarless DNA assembly system optimised formetabolic engineering. (2018) bioRxiv PDF

July 19, 2018

Discussion leader: Motoaki Seki
Wang X et al. Three-dimensional intact-tissue sequencing of single-cell transcriptional states. (2018) Science First release: 21 June 2018, eaat5691 PubMed