Yachie lab (Synthetic Biology Division) is a Synthetic and Systems Biology lab at Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), the University of Tokyo.

Our mission is developing new experiments and technologies to measure dynamics of molecules, cells and cellular developments by combining technologies in Synthetic Biology and Computational Biology and to unveil new biological phenomena.

Our research topics include:

  • High-throughput screening of protein interactions by DNA barcodes and barcode fusion technologies
  • Developing of new synthetic biology circuits by engineering CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing methods
  • Single-cell lineage tracing for evolution and cell developments and differentiations
  • Large-scale data mining of multi omic data

Yachie lab is based on a °∆flat environment°« where each member is encouraged to have independence in their projects, coordinate within-lab and inter-lab collaborations, and with that, move towards the goals of the lab as a team.

We are seeking for creative and talented postdocs and students. Please see here for the details.