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Seeking for creative biology/science enthusiasts! 興味のある方はこちらをご覧下さい。


From de Sha-chie (de Bore-Shakiba-Yachie labs) joint retreat in November 2021.

Principal Investigator

Nozomu.jpgNozomu Yachie (Personal website)
Associate Professor
Combining technologies in cell engineering, genome editing, and computational biology, my laboratory is trying to develop crazy cool technologies to measure the dynamics of molecules and unlock many barriers in developmental and stem cell biology. For more, see Yachie lab Researches.
E-mail: nozomu.yachieat.gifubc.ca
twitter: @nzmaychie

Staff members

Madina.jpgMadina Kagieva (CV)
With a background in cancer genetics and synthetic biology, I love exploring novel genetic engineering techniques and the ethics underlying their usage and implementation. Currently, I am working on a mammalian lineage tracing project.
E-mail: madina.kagievaat.gifubc.ca
Hobby or fun fact: Pottery, beading and board games (Unsolved Case Files is so fun!)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Soh.jpgSoh Ishiguro (Personal website)
Postdoctoral Fellow (JSPS Fellow for Research Abroad)
Developing new biomeasurement technologies using DNA barcodes and genome editing to decipher biological systems.
E-mail: soh.ishiguro3914at.gifgmail.com
Hobby or fun fact: Science and podcasting

rina2.jpgRina Yogo (CV)
Postdoctoral Fellow (JSPS Fellow for Research Abroad)
I worked on the biophysical study of dynamic structures and interactions of antibody glycoprotein and completed my PhD degree in Japan. I hope to develop technologies to identify protein-protein interaction networks of single cells in heterogeneous biological systems.
E-mail: rina03kkat.gifgmail.com
Hobby or fun fact: Playing golf

PhD students

Yusuke.jpgYusuke Kijima (CV)
PhD student (JSPS DC2 Fellow)
I'm developing technologies to record biological information (cell lineage / location) and understand the comprehensive machinery of development.
Hobby or fun fact: I love (listening) 90s alternative music

Nanami.jpgNanami Masuyama (CV)
PhD student (JSPS DC2 Fellow)
I'm developing a mammalian cell lineage tracing technology.

Sofia.jpgSofia Romero (CV)
PhD Student
Originally from Mexico, I moved to Vancouver to complete MASc at UBC. I joined the Yachie lab to pursue my PhD, from a past studying honey bees and their microbiome, currently I'm developing methylation sensors to understand the epigenetic phenomena involved in cellular heterogeneity.
Hobby or fun fact: 7 times marathon finisher. Love biking and animals.
twitter: @atenasofia

Yeganeh.jpgYeganeh Dorri Nokoorani
PhD student (rotation)
With a background in biomechanics and tissue engineering, I became interested in cellular engineering and synthetic biology. So after completing my first lab rotation at Piret lab, I decided to join Yachie lab for my second lab rotation to learn more about genetics and genome editing tools. Currently, my focus is on prime editing technology.
E-mail: ydorriat.gifstudent.ubc.ca
Hobby or fun fact: I play Native American Flute and love archery!

MASc students

Arman2021.jpgArman Adel (CV)
MASc Student (NSERC CGS-M Fellow)
Harnessing genome editing and single-cell transcriptome technologies, I am developing a high-content cell type recording system to record high-resolution differentiation trajectories in genome embedded synthetic DNA memory with the goal of deciphering whole-body cell differentiation trajectories during mammalian development.
E-mail: armanadel96at.gifgmail.com
Hobby or fun fact: Playing Soccer/Coaching Soccer/Snowboarding/Music

Rina.jpgRina Sakata (CV)
MASc Student
Background in synthetic biology, with an increasing interest in stem cell biology. Currently developing a technology for deciphering heterogeneous cell populations through combining genetic circuits, DNA barcoding, and single-cell analysis technologies.
E-mail: rsakataat.gifstudent.ubc.ca
Hobby or fun fact: Climbing mountains

Sean.jpgSean Okawa (CV)
MASc Student (Masayoshi Son Scholar)
I completed my bachelors degree at UBC studying epigenetics. After graduating I went to Yachie Lab in Tokyo, but in a twist of fate returned to UBC with Yachie Lab a few years later. I'm passionate about learning and applying cutting-edge synthetic biology technologies particularly to deciphering the "phosphocode."
Hobby or fun fact: Piano

Yin.jpgYin Liu (CV)
MASc Student
I graduated in China with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. As an undergraduate student, I used to apply biological and chemical methods to study the principles of some environmental phenomena. Attracted by cell engineering and genome editing technologies, I became a member of Yachie lab. As a MASc student, I hope to do something interesting and exciting in the field of synthetic and developmental biology.
Hobby or fun fact: (I've decided to do more) Reading

Summer internship students 2021

Samuel.jpgSamuel King (CV)
Undergraduate Researcher (NSERC-USRA)
From UBC Biology

I am finishing my undergrad at UBC specializing in Cell and Molecular Biology (Honours). I am currently developing specialized base editing technologies.
E-mail: samuelkingat.gifalumni.ubc.ca
Hobby or fun fact: Motorcycle riding
twitter: @samuelhking

Jason.jpgJason Sunardi (CV)
Undergraduate Researcher
From U Toronto

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto in the engineering science program. My project involves developing novel lineage tracing/genome editing tools using error-prone polymerases.
E-mail: jason.sunardiat.gifmail.utoronto.ca
Hobby or fun fact: I enjoy strategy games and puzzles!

Brett.jpgBrett Kiyota (CV)
Undergraduate Researcher

After completing a bachelors degree at UBC studying genetics, I'm currently in the BCS program at UBC. I'm working on developing a new phylogeny reconstruction algorithm.
E-mail: brettckiyotaat.gifgmail.com
Hobby or fun fact: Reading & biking

Jennifer.jpgJennifer Jiang
Undergraduate Researcher (CBR-SBME)
From McGill University

I'm working on developing a lineage tracing method using DNA recombination.
Hobby or fun fact: Table tennis; I can solve a Rubik's cube in 20 seconds.

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